About Us

Rossell's Maple

Rossell’s Maple is located between Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Morgantown West Virginia. Here we produce some of Pennsylvania’s finest maple syrup. 

Our Amazing Team

Stan Rossell

“Maple Man Stan” Jobie’s Dad

Stan mainly helps during the production season. He always helps with tapping trees and hauling sap but his favorite part is boiling sap down into syrup. 

Jobie Rossell


Jobie carries out most of the day to day operations of the business, from sales and marketing to putting boots on and hitting the woods. 


Robin Rossell

Jobie’s Mom

Robin gets out in the woods from time to time but she most enjoys making maple coated nuts for shows and festivals. She is always the one on the griddle at our annual open house serving up pancakes with our syrup, of course!

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